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March 4, 2013

GScraper update log to version
1. alert you to save the deleted footprints when you do [delete footprint if index <] 2. Add new feature, select all or un-checked when you do PR, alexa, OBL, index checking. 3. Optimize CPU usage for posting and trackbacking. 4. Add new feature, Get OBL’s URLs from URL list. 5. Add new feature, Remove duplicate top-level domain at scraping. 6. Optimize CPU usage for Remove duplicate at scraping. 7. Show speed at PR, OBL, alexa checking. 8. Add filter for keywords scraper! 1. Fix a bug, program crash when URL list importing. 2. Speed up for check URL list index. 1. Speed up for scraping when you use your own proxies! 2. Add delete blocked IP in Delete proxy if it was dead. 3. Auto add http:// when you import URL list. 1. Improve accuracy for Delete proxy if it was dead. 1. Fix bug, sometimes you can’t do any HTML checking when you running GScraper in VPS. 2. Add new feature, You can select check all or check un-checked when your check index for footprint. 3. Post content support spin in spin. like {Hello|Good {morning|afternoon|night}}. 1. Add new feature, Delete proxy if it was dead when you import custom list. 1. Trackback is coming! You can trackbacking to blogs now! 2. Ping is coming! Add new feature, Ping Google when found auto approved URL at posting automatically. 3. Add new feature, Ping Google for URL List. 4. Add new feature, Resolve domain names to IP addresses and set it to the title column. 1. Add new feature, URL spin tool. You can mix your websites and keywords by this tool. this tool in Post tab. 2. Fix a bug, sometimes program crash at scrape keywords starting moment. 3. Fix a bug, sometimes can not get email list from url list. 4. Fix a bug, sometimes GScraper will scrape snapshot links at scraping. 5. Fix sometimes show error dialog when clear URL list. 6. Fix sometimes GScraper get empty when PR checking. 1. Preview support when content include %anchor%. 2. Improve accuracy when scrape keywords from drop-down list. 3. Substantial speed up scrape keywords from searches related. 1. Add new feature, keywords scraper, you can scrape keywords from drop-down list or searches related. 2. Optimize the POST module, fix sometimes post failed when the target input text box has length limit. 3. Add %anchor% discern in post contents. GScraper will replace %anchor% to added tags. 4. When check the index for footprint, if footprint include %KW%, replace %KW% to first keywords then check. 5. Use http to scrape when import custom list to fix some times your proxies doesn’t support https. 6. Private proxies support. the format is IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD 1. Don’t show User Key default. and add a check box to show User Key. 2. Don’t disable User Key text after sign in, So you can copy your Key after sign in. 3. Allow re-import proxies list at scrape processing. 4. Add new feature, scrape e-mail addresses from URL list.

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