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January 22, 2013


What’s new in GScraper newest version ?

GScraper newest version is v1.1.5.2. So, what’s new?

1. Solve the bug of speed negative or very large, because of daylight saving time or winter time.
2. Add new feature. Create a new text file at scraping when the lines is more than a number.

3. Add new feature. Using right click to check index, copy or delete footprint on footprint list.

4. Add new feature. Double click on footprint list will open browser to search your footprint in Google.
5. Fix a bug, some users can’t run GScraper in .net framework 4.5

1. Add new feature. Show progress bar at URL/title include/doesn’t include processing.

2. Increase the speed of the filter at URL/title include/doesn’t include processing.

1. Some platforms must need preview first, and then post. Today, GScraper support these.

P.S.: GScraper can post to any anonymous posting platform. Does not consider the platform, only need anonymous !

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  1. Feb 26 2013

    Great tool and great improvements :)

  2. Can gscraper learn new platforms? Or do you have to teach it manually? P.s I’m loving the software.


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