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GScraper tutorial all video here

Why you need to crack the TCP connection limit:

How to scrape, check PR, trackback, expand via GScraper:

how to scrape emails and scrape related keywords via GScraper

How to scrape URL list and post reply via GScraper

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GScraper update logs to
1. New features: Save search terms in the URL list.


2. New features: Have the “Details” folders include the separate text file for each keywords when do related keywords scrape.


3. Fix: If the source keyword have special symbols, now can be saved normally.


4. New features: Check domian can be registered in URL list.

5. New features: Get page date with regular expressions.


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Binding GSA Captcha Breaker to GScraper

1\ open GSA Captcha Breaker soft, if your computer have others soft use 80 port, GSA Captcha Breaker will show pop windows like this:


2\In this situation, if IIS is installed on the server, you need shutting down the IIS service, similarly, other software should also be closed. Thats we must use the 80 port in GSA Captcha Breaker.


3\ you should close the soft which use 80 port, until no the pop windows after click GSA Captcha Breaker’s “restart” buttom.


4\ click “Test” link, If  have this page, the GSA Captcha Breaker is working fine.


5\ IMPORTENT: then open GScraper, setting the captha service, choose Decaptcher is ok. The premise is GSA Captcha Breaker check the same captha service .



6\ the USR and PSW, you can fill randomly:


7\ Clikc “post” in GScraper, you can see GSA Captcha Breaker and GScraper are all working fine!


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How to install and activate GScraper

After purchase You will get e-mail with GScraper Key and download link.

Gscraper require .net library – what is a standard in any modern Windows OS, but some distribution or server version are released without .net, so If You are experience some problems to run GScraper, install .net framework.

You can download it from Microsoft here:

Just after installation we strongly advice to watch movie about GScraper functions. In movie its also information how to activate GScraper. Use your key to activate GScraper on single PC and SIGN UP.

If You want to migrate to another PC, just use “Cancel last PC binding” and activate GScraper on next PC. You can move license by yourself at any time & any place, no need to contact us.
Important: Cancel PC binding must more than 30 days from the last cancel time.

To get started with using GScraper be sure to watch the GScraper overview video here:

In first week GScraper offer for users free proxies and daily backlinks, so try use them as much as you can !

Have a good time and scrape biggest AA lists ever with GScraper ,  Any time PM me.

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Deceased rest in peace. Lu County, YaAn City, Sichuan Province, China.

April 20th 8:02 AM (UTC +8). Earthquake in Lu County, YaAn City, Sichuan Province, China.

Deceased rest in peace.

P.S. I’m in Sichuan Province, Earthquake is very frightening.

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GScraper update logs to

1. Fix a bug, GScraper will crash at scraping in Chinese OS, error code 80131506
2. Add a new feature at expand tab, you can select Find other URLs in same domain if the URL include a string.

1. Fix a bug, When you do DELETE URL IF it can’t post more than 2 times, GScraper will crash.

1. Fix a bug, GScraper will random crash at scraping.

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register pages for phpBB download, scraped from GScraper

Register pages for phpBB download, maybe you can use xRumer or other tools to register automatically.

23,739 pages from 23,739 domains, ALL ARE register pages.

download at here: Read moreRead more

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GScraper update logs to
1. extract pure trackback URL text in html support, for increase the success rate for trackback. (the 4th times)
2. Remove duplicate emails when you do get emails from list.
3. Remove duplicate related keywords when you do related keywords scrape.

4. Bug fix, GScraper will stop scrape at related keywords scrape start moment.
5. Periodically refresh the progress bar for better display in remote desktop.
6. Optimize the memory release at program running.
1. Increase the success rate for trackback.
2. Bug fix, URL list count will not increase after a long time (ex: 1 hour) at scraping.
1. Bug fix, sometimes you can’t do expand.
1. Skip image type of URLs when expending and get URL list OBL links.
2. Remove invalid characters automatically when you get emails from list.
3. Increase the success rate for trackback.
4. Add new Special symbols %title% for contents of post reply/trackback, GScraper will replace %title% to target website title.
5. Bug fix, Speed ​​is gradually reduced at scraping.
6. Optimization of system resources for post reply/trackback.
1. Optimization of system resources for remove duplicate at scraping.
1. Add new feature. you can use custom Ping addresses now. just add them to config/Ping.ini file.
2. Fix sometimes GScraper will cut your website and at posting.
1. Optimize CPU usage at posting.
1. Add new feature. GScraper will ask you do you need to check backlinks at posting when you start post reply/trackback.
1. Bug fix, sometimes GScraper will crash at scraping when you enable remove duplicate at posting.
1. Bug fix, sometimes GScraper will alert you Background Worker xxx, and ask you continue or exit.
2. Improve the success rate of judgment backlinks (auto approve URL) at posting.
3. Control display optimization, Smoother for remote desktop.
4. Bug fix, sometimes GScraper will alert a JIT error at scraping.
1. Bug fix. when check footprint you can’t get proxies from GScraper server.
1. Enable HTTP header Keep-Alive for any html [GET].
2. Add HTTP header gzip and deflate for any html [GET] and [POST].

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GScraper v1.1.6.8 update log

GScraper is released, what’s new?

1. Significantly improve the accuracy of the form field fill at posting.
2. If your saved path = selected path at split tab, GScraper will alert you for prevent misuse.
3. If your text include hex [\0] at importing, the control will cut off it, now fixed.
3. Add new feature, scrape comment content from URL list! (recommendations from a user.)
4. Speed up for deleting proxies if it was dead or blocked.
5. Speed up for check index(URL) from URL list.

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GScraper update log to version
1. alert you to save the deleted footprints when you do [delete footprint if index <] 2. Add new feature, select all or un-checked when you do PR, alexa, OBL, index checking. 3. Optimize CPU usage for posting and trackbacking. 4. Add new feature, Get OBL’s URLs from URL list. 5. Add new feature, Remove duplicate top-level domain at scraping. 6. Optimize CPU usage for Remove duplicate at scraping. 7. Show speed at PR, OBL, alexa checking. 8. Add filter for keywords scraper! 1. Fix a bug, program crash when URL list importing. 2. Speed up for check URL list index. 1. Speed up for scraping when you use your own proxies! 2. Add delete blocked IP in Delete proxy if it was dead. 3. Auto add http:// when you import URL list. 1. Improve accuracy for Delete proxy if it was dead. 1. Fix bug, sometimes you can’t do any HTML checking when you running GScraper in VPS. 2. Add new feature, You can select check all or check un-checked when your check index for footprint. 3. Post content support spin in spin. like {Hello|Good {morning|afternoon|night}}. 1. Add new feature, Delete proxy if it was dead when you import custom list. 1. Trackback is coming! You can trackbacking to blogs now! 2. Ping is coming! Add new feature, Ping Google when found auto approved URL at posting automatically. 3. Add new feature, Ping Google for URL List. 4. Add new feature, Resolve domain names to IP addresses and set it to the title column. 1. Add new feature, URL spin tool. You can mix your websites and keywords by this tool. this tool in Post tab. 2. Fix a bug, sometimes program crash at scrape keywords starting moment. 3. Fix a bug, sometimes can not get email list from url list. 4. Fix a bug, sometimes GScraper will scrape snapshot links at scraping. 5. Fix sometimes show error dialog when clear URL list. 6. Fix sometimes GScraper get empty when PR checking. 1. Preview support when content include %anchor%. 2. Improve accuracy when scrape keywords from drop-down list. 3. Substantial speed up scrape keywords from searches related. 1. Add new feature, keywords scraper, you can scrape keywords from drop-down list or searches related. 2. Optimize the POST module, fix sometimes post failed when the target input text box has length limit. 3. Add %anchor% discern in post contents. GScraper will replace %anchor% to added tags. 4. When check the index for footprint, if footprint include %KW%, replace %KW% to first keywords then check. 5. Use http to scrape when import custom list to fix some times your proxies doesn’t support https. 6. Private proxies support. the format is IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD 1. Don’t show User Key default. and add a check box to show User Key. 2. Don’t disable User Key text after sign in, So you can copy your Key after sign in. 3. Allow re-import proxies list at scrape processing. 4. Add new feature, scrape e-mail addresses from URL list.

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